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I am a textile artist and lifelong maker who loves to create with fabric, embroider, quilt, craft, create unique garments, and sew everything! 
To get an idea of my work, you can browse the gallery.
I teach a range of classes and workshops including the Self Sewn Wardrobe Series, XO Stitch Club hand embroidery workshops, quilting and quilt techniques, and sewing classes for teens. 
As of March 2020, my programming will be virtual but I'm still teaching, gathering creative community, and supporting you. Visit my Classes page for info on private lessons and classes through Patreon.
I love sharing my passion of all things sewing and creating and have been teaching sewing 2009. I taught at the Stitch Lab until 2017, where I got to work along side and learn from talented, experienced makers and incredible, skilled instructors, and be part of an inspiring creative community. In that time, I've gotten to teach thousands of students, and getting to be part of their journey as makers and helping them flourish in their sewing practice continues to inspire me!
My approach and style of teaching is based in creating a supportive, inspiring learning environment while providing students with hands-on technical skills to help them continue to grow in their sewing practice. I've spent many years developing and honing my curriculum and teaching. I put care and planning into every class so I can offer each student a valuable and unique experience.
E-mail me if you'd like me to teach or create a workshop for your group, venue, or guild, or for program or curriculum development and design.
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