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2019 Classes & Events

+ May 18 Griffin School Arts Showcase
+ May 25 Recycled Sequins & Fiber Collage workshop

+ May 21 Night Stitchers sewing workshop

+ June 22 Sashiko Mindful Mending workshop

+ June 24 IMMEDIATE Collective Zine Making

+ June - August: Curious Stitch Artist Residency

+ June 3-7 & + July 8-12 Fashion & Fiber Arts Summer Camp

+ July 19 - 21 AMQG Sewcation

+ February 2020 QuiltCon

Monthly-ish pop-up embroidery workshops and more
5/25 Recycled Sequin Fiber Art
6/22 Sashiko Mindful Mending

Full Schedule & Signup
XO Stitch Club
In this fourth session of the Self Sewn Wardrobe Series, we will explore ways to play with creative garment making through design elements, color, pattern, layers, style lines, and alterations. 
If you're interesting in applying for this session, send an e-mail to be added to the waitlist
Self-Sewn Wardrobe Series : Playful Design
Workshops 3/20, 3/22, 6/13, 6/20, 7/18, 7/25
Exhibit March - August 2019
Austin Public Library Central Youth Services
An ongoing exhibit shared in conjunction with a series of workshops for 9-12 yr olds to create dimensional embroidery and experiment with fiber art and recycled materials. My original work and theirs will be exhibited together in the 3rd floor Youth Services tween throughout spring and summer. 
Curious Stitch Artist Residency
June 3 - 7 or July 8 - 12
Griffin School
For rising 6th - 9th graders

Sign up here
Fashion and Fiber Arts Camp
The 3rd Tuesday of every month
6:30 - 9:30pm
Machine sewing project based workshops for adults at the Austin Public Library Central Branch. 

View projects & enroll
Night Stitchers
The 2nd Friday of each month 
5 - 8:30pm
Machine sewing workshop for teens after hours in the teen center at Austin Public Library central branch.
Enroll here
Sewing After Dark for teens
An open format sewing workshop with one-on-one instruction, guidance, and assistance on any sewing project, pattern, or technique you want to learn. We meet every other week at the Austin Tinkering School.
​More info here
E-mail me for availability
Open Sew Lab
Spring semester weekly class at the Griffin School on zine history, culture, and making, personal, collaborative, and more.
Zine Making
Semester-long weekly workshop for Griffin School 9th - 12th graders diving into hand embroidery, creating custom samplers, using unusual and recycled materials to create sequins and 3D patterns on fabric.​
Embroidery Arts & Beyond
part of IMMEDIATE Fashion School 2019 Summer Intensive
The zine workshop will guide the series participants to develop a collective tangible documentation of the experiences and ideas that come out of the session. 

The series will focus on storytelling and its relationship to activism in the realms of gender and race. We’ll read about and discuss these two intertwined realms through the lens of fashion & cultural studies, while also considering intersectional views, politics, pop culture and activism.

Registration for IMMEDIATE opens in mid-May here
IMMEDIATE Fashion: Collective Zine Making
Available by request
E-mail me with: your project or sewing goals, current skill level, and availability
Private Lessons
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