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Self-Sewn Wardrobe Series

Course Overview

This series is designed around patterns from the 100 Acts of Sewing Series by Sonya Philip and run for 8 weeks. I've held 3 of these semester long series since January 2018. I plan to schedule more in the future based on interest, so if you would like to join or have questions, shoot me an email please! 


In this course, we learn foundational garment sewing skills, how to work with different fabric types, modifying patterns for fit, and curate a personalized wardrobe. We use the Slow Fashion movement approach for a mindful garment garment sewing practice.


Why 100 Acts of Sewing?

I chose this pattern line because the pieces are comfortable for a variety of body and style types and has a fuller range of sizes than most patterns. They are versatile for customizing for unique self-expression, as well as combining in many variations and are perfect for spring/summer with lots of layering possibilities year-round.


To get an idea of the style and range of possibilities of these garments, peruse the hashtags on instagram: #100actsofewing, #shirtno1, #pantsno1, #dressno2 or you can see more examples on the 100 Acts of Sewing website.


Who is this series for?

  • The series is designed for both beginner garment sewists wanting to build a solid foundation, as well as sewists who have made garments and want to build on what they know, learn some new skills, and approach their garment practice from a new perspective.

  • It’s a perfect next step if you’ve taken the Sewing 101 series, or if you are confident with sewing basics and have completed some projects on your own and have sewn recently.

  • If you’ve been looking for a garment sewing course that offers a positive, supportive, collaborative  experience.


Not sure if this series is right for you or if you have the right skill level? Please get in touch with me to chat!


Series structure and schedule

The series is built around three core patterns: Pants No. 1, Shirt No. 1, and Dress No. 2 from 100 Acts of Sewing with additional sessions for wardrobe planning, shirt variations, and finishing. Patterns are included in your course fee.

Also included: supplemental reference material, resources, and support throughout the series via Google Classroom.

Series Schedule
Class 1: Planning
Class 2:  Shirt No. 1
Class 3:  Pants No. 1
Class 4:  Dress No. 2 (1)
Class 5:  Dress No. 2 (2)
Class 6:  Shirt Variations
Class 7:  Pattern TBD by group input
Class 8: Finishing
Interested in applying for the next series or getting on the waitlist?
E-mail me!
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