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XO Stitch Club Kits!

Mod Doodle Kit



+ Screenprinted mod design on Essex linen & cotton blend
+ Laser cut hand painted XO unicorn floss bobbin with 3 floss colors
+ Laser cut XO unicorn magnetic needleminder: silver mirror for pink kit, gold glitter for aqua kit
(see it in action in the first photo)
+ Embroidery zine with info about supplies, transfer methods, knots, and stitch diagrams, handwritten and draw by me
+ Hand printed cotton project kit bag

I'm making individual kits available for purchase outside of workshops on a limited basis.

E-mail me to find out what kits are still available!

If you're local, I can arrange for in-town pickup to save on shipping.

What's not included: 

I decided to only include the unique one-of-a-kind items that I've created and not include basic tools (hoop, needles, scissors) because you may already have these, to keep the price down and be able to ship in a priority flat rate envelope. 

If you need any of these basics, e-mail me and I'd be happy to add those a la carte to your kit price if I have extras. 

Halloween Kit


+ Original BOO sampler printed on fabri-solvy (easy to stitch on dark fabric)
+ Metallic threaded black fabric sampler fabric (gold or purple)
+ Bat floss bobbin with two floss colors (glow-in-the-dark white and one other)
+ A full additional skein of glow-in-the-dark floss
+ Hand stitched felt cat sheath for thread snippers
+ Spooky magnetic needleminder (brain in a jar or black vintage blow mold pumpkin)
+ fabric and felt needle holder in halloween fabric with two needles
+ Hand stitched drawstring project kit bag in Halloween fabric
+ Embroidery zine hand written and drawn by me, with stitch diagrams, knots, supply info, and transfer methods, etc. 
+ Info sheet about using and removing fabri-solvy

Kits for individual sale are available on a limited basis. The Halloween kits are currently sold out. If you'd like to order one, drop me an e-mail me to request one. 

Are you local?

Let me know if you'd like to arrange for in-town pickup to save on shipping

What's not included: 

I've included just the unique, handmade items and not a hoop or scissors. If you need either of these, e-mail me and if I have extras I'm happy to add them a la cart to your kit.

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