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Join us on Thursday mornings for the rest of summer
for art, making, & inspiration

Our workshops are hands-on and use easily available supplies you have at home.

Our purpose for this series is to make space to create and connect with makers and artists where they are.  

  • Each week we’ll explore a theme or topic with projects lead by different artists and makers. You can drop in on any that you choose or experience the full series.

  • Each workshop works as a stand alone as well as to support and inform all the workshops. Throughout the series, you will be build on what you've learned and created, and find new and different ways to explore.

  • Our goal for this program is to empower you to do more creating outside of workshops. You’ll receive our support materials, so if you feel like just watching one day, you will be able to engage with the creative work beyond the workshop time.

Workshop themes include

  • Printmaking

  • Collage art

  • Zine making

  • Hand embroidery

  • Illustration

  • Stencils

  • Comics

  • Natural dyeing

  • Found object art

10:30am - noon CST

July 2

July 9

July 16

July 23

July 30

August 6

August 13

August 20

August 27

September 3

who we are


Niku Arbabi

(pronounced "nee-koo", pronouns she/her)
Niku is a textile artist and community collaborator in Austin, TX. Her favorites include embroidery, garment sewing, modern quilting, and printmaking. She misses creating with people in person but is on a quest to stay connected with makers.
She'll be teaching creative cartooning, embroidery, and sewing for Maker Camp.

Emily Lang

(pronouns she/her)

I'm a quilter and quilt teacher. My real-job is working at a used bookstore. I make bright and colorful quilts, zippered pouches, and lots of small projects. One fact about me is that I love quilt math and figuring out how all the parts come together. Sometimes it's messy, but it usually works out in the end! 

Emily Bruzzini

(pronounced "bruise-eeni", pronouns she/her)

-I am an art teacher, quilter, and general maker.

-I love to make quilts, and clothing, as well as painting and drawing!

-I made my first quilt when I was 13 for a friend who was leaving to go to another school.

superjoy profile.jpg

Nicole Kusnierz

(pronounced “kuzner”, pronouns she/her)

My background includes archaeological fieldwork to event management.

My studio shop, Superjoy Studio, highlights original block prints and paintings. Subjects of my prints ranging from botanical illustrations, southwestern/hiking pieces, to Latinx-inspired art.

My dream creative project is a series of natural-dyed + hand printed bandanas inspired by my love of nature. 


Emily Weerts

Emily "STEMily" Weerts is an educator, community builder, and crafter. STEMily's current projects include making a rhinoceros quilt, canning 30lbs of tomatoes, and touching up the R2D2 on top of her car. For XOXO Maker Camp, STEMily is helping with coordination and tech (and plans to make along with y'all). 

Jessica Thompson-Castillo

(pronouns she/hers) 

I’m a multimedia artist, educator, and art historian who dabbles in printmaking and loves playing with paper. I’m inspired by the variety of perspectives and approaches to art that I see as a museum educator, and bring that into my art practice by constantly experimenting and trying new things! I also have at least one Dr Pepper a day (listen to your parents when they tell you not to drink dark sodas, y’all). 


Maggie Buford

(pronouns she/her)
I like to organize and support people! My current project is coordinating workshops for people to learn how to create zines. Aside from working on my own zines, I make rugs that highlight my poetry. This year, I used a punch needle to make one that's about 4' x 6'. The goal is to have enough rugs by the end of the next year for a show! 

Moxie the Tuxie

Studio Assistant

Essential supplies

  • Paper

  • Pens and/or markers

  • Scissors

Add-on kit available includes


  • Embroidery needles (or any needle that your thread can fit through)

  • Embroidery floss or thread

  • Fabric

  • Felt

  • Fusible web

  • Craft foam

  • Postage stamps

Nice to have

  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Craft foam
  • Magazines
  • Yarn
  • Polyfil (stuffing)
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accessibility info

Please e-mail us with any accessibility questions
  • Our workshops will be held over Zoom. For a strong internet connection, were recommend sitting close to your router, inside usually works better than outside

  • We do not have closed captioning currently available

  • To support different learning styles and needs, we will provide a document at the start of each workshop that includes the agenda for that day, any reference, resources, links, and a key terms glossary

  • We will have a co-host for all workshops to offer tech support, answer questions if the teacher is teaching, and to track questions and comments from participants to ensure the teacher is aware of them

  • During demo/make along portions, a co-host will post in the chat a summary of each step as the teacher explains it

  • For small detail work, we will use the Spotlight feature to make demos and examples easier to see. You may also find it useful to use Speaker View

  • We recommend logging on using a computer or laptop if at all possible, because of the visual and detail oriented aspects of our program

  • You can save the chat at any point before the session ends and your computer will create a file of the chat

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